Friday, March 20, 2009

Book Club

Last night was our monthly meeting for book club. There is a group of us that reads a book and then we discuss it. Every month we rotate who chooses the book and where we meet. Yesterday we met at Cupcakery (which was hard to find something healthy to eat) and we discussed the book "Time of your life". Most of the girls are not saved so the book choices are not christian books, however we have set guidelines as to the type of book that would be selected. So most of the books have been good. This month the book was a real thinker! It was basically the story of a lady that was married and feeling trapped in her marriage. She wishes she had done things different in her past- so she ends up in her past and starts to do things different but slowly realizes that the original decisions that were made were indeed the ones she wanted, she had just taken things and people for granted in her old life! She then comes back to reality and everything she sees in a new light and is more appreciative of everything and everyone!
One of the main problems she had was with her husband and after she comes back from the past she realizes that she has SO much to be thankful for.
The topic was interesting last night. We got to talking about the fact that all of us in the book club come from solid families. When we get together we NEVER sit around and complain about our husbands. We don't use this time to bicker and complain. The other interesting fact of our club is that all of us have parents that are still married to each other and it is their first marriage- This was amazing to me- How many people can actually say this in these times?????
I just found this VERY refreshing- even though they are not saved they have an understanding of what commitment-
I am so thankful that I am going to this book club because I think that God is opening more doors for me to witness to my unsaved friends.

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Elizabeth said...

We take so many things for granted... I was just thinking the other day how grateful I am that God gave me Christian parents and grandparents...
It is amazing in your group of unsaved that they have parents that are still married.