Saturday, April 4, 2009

All good things must come to an end

We girls had a fabulous trip. But like everything in life- all good things must come to an end. Tomorrow I go home to my sweet husband. I know he had a rough week while I was gone so I am sure he is anxious to get me home.
A brief summary of our trip to Pennsylvania-

Monday we arrived in PA exhausted but happy to see everyone. Spent most of that day just relaxing.

Tuesday we spent the day in Lancaster PA. What a beautiful day. We went to an Amish bake shop- "Bird in Hand Bakery" We bought a Shoofly pie and shared it among the four of us. It was really YUMMY. The bakery was amazing. fresh baked bread, cookies, cakes, pies, muffins and many other yummy foods. We drove around various Amish towns and looked at craft stores and such. I really enjoyed doing this and it reminded me of the Amish stories I have read. It brought to life all the books I have read throughout the years.

Wednesday and Thursday was class day- and playing cards together. Nothing really eventful these days!
Friday we started our trip back to South Carolina. The drive was HORRIBLE. It was raining so bad I could barely see the cars in front of me. This made for a long and exhausting trip. We stopped in North Carolina- there was NO way I was driving anymore so a good rest was needed.

Today- we arrived and did some more relaxing- I gave Aunt Judy, Lizzie and Michael a facial (which I hope they enjoyed!)

Now I am watching Slumdog Millionaire with my whole family in Michael's man room-


Elizabeth said...

I had a great time... thanks for everything!
Looking forward to our next trip the end of May.

rita said...

Fun, fun, fun!
Glad y'all could have that time together!
How was Slumdog?