Saturday, March 28, 2009

And the fun begins

Yesterday was a long day! I got to work early and tried to wrap up a few things that I needed to get done before going to the airport. I realized about 15 minutes before leaving that I did not have my driver's license! I rushed home and got it (I changed purses the night before and failed to move that very important item to my new purse) got the driver's license and then rushed to the airport. The flight was good. I got to rest some and also some reading done.
I got to Atlanta, GA around 7:30 pm. Then it took me over an hour and a half just to get my luggage and rental car. I met Philip, Rosalyn, Rachel, Mike and Lizzie at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. It was good to see them! After eating a good dinner Lizzie and I were off to the start of the adventure! We drove until around 1:00 am and had to stop since I could not keep my eyes open. We stayed in a really nice hotel in Augusta! Then we woke up today and made the final 3 hour trip to Monks Corner, South Carolina to my brothers new house.
Today we went to K-Mart with mom and Lizzie and we found some fabulous deals on clothes. $2.99 and $3.99 items. WHAT BARGAINS! I was able to get some things for my aunt, sister and mother! GOD IS GOOD- always leading me to the sales so that I can share!
Below are some pictures to share our first 2 days together! Hope you enjoy!

This is the room at the hotel room that Lizzie and I stayed in. Really nice HOTEL!

This is my cool Aunt Judy- trying out a pair of sun glasses.
Sisters working together in the kitchen getting dinner ready for all of us! (Aunt Judy and Mom)
Lizzie helping get dinner ready in this AWESOME kitchen- I really fell in love with the kitchen!
And last but not least- Kathy and Dad sitting around socializing!

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Great pics!
Great fun!