Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

Today is going to be a very BUSY day between meetings and such. I have 2 insurance meetings to go to this morning and then this afternoon I have stacks of paper to work on.
Day 4 of Administrative Professional week- the girls will get pizza today since I will not be at the office to cook anything. I think that Pizza is a treat they do not mind getting!
I am so glad that it is almost Friday- this week has been a good one but a long one so I am anxiously looking forward to the weekend.


Lhoyt said...

Lost a day somewhere. I wish it were Friday.

You surely do take good care of your ladies!!


Kathy said...

sorry... I meant to put ALMOST Friday and I never did!
Thanks for pointing this out to me!

rita said...

How do you do everything?
And still keeping up with exercise & diet? Amazing!
Days I work (outside the home, that is), weekdays, it is hard to make the time.