Friday, April 24, 2009

Five Fun Facts on Friday

1. Green peppers have more vitamin C than an orange has.

2. Pigs are actually clean creatures they only like the mud because it cools their body down.
3. God created the world in ONLY 7 days (which I find quite amazing!)

4. The US Postal rates is once again going up on May 11- (no worries though it is not affecting the 1 ounce standard envelope that still stays at .42 only items that weigh more)

5. A star is brightest right before it dies.


Linda said...

You are a wealth of information today!

Anonymous said...

From Rachel: Aunt Kathy, God only took 6 days to make the earth and He rested on the 7th.

Kathy said...

you are right Rachel.... I am glad you corrected me! Thank you!!!!
Love ya bunches munchkin!