Monday, June 29, 2009

Liberty University

Paul registered for Fall classes and when we sat down to evaluate his status we were overjoyed to see that he only has 10 classes left after the fall term. WHAT excitement!
He has been working diligently on classes for a year now- not taking a break even in the summer!
We finally see the end of the tunnel. The way we have it planned is taking 4 classes in Spring 2010 (two classes term A and two classes term B), 3 classes for Summer 2010 and 4 classes for Fall 2010! This would mean that he finishes in 2010! Of course he would not "walk" until 2011- but he will be done in a little over a year! We are both very excited about this! We plan on taking a week vacation to go to Virginia to have him WALK to receive his diploma!


Linda said...

How exciting, and CONGRATULATIONS, Paul! We are so proud of you!

Josh took the walk June 20 for his BS in Business Administration. He is now working on his masters.

You are never too old to get educated!

Kim said...

How fun! What is Paul getting his degree in? Ivan asked and I said I didn't know but would ask :-)

Kathy said...

his degree is in Computer Technology Administration. He has been taking Bible courses and business courses (I guess Liberty Requires those to graduate)

Elizabeth said...

This season in your life will be done soon! Praise the Lord!