Monday, June 1, 2009

A week to remember...

What a week. First let me start off by saying how Thankful I am to be HOME. Don't get me wrong... I really enjoyed myself in Indiana with Lizzie and the activities we did while there.... but you know that saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" truly applied to me. I was so HAPPY to see Paul again!

Here we are Lizzie and I enjoying a meal together at Chilis. The first few days in Indiana we just did girly things.... We got a pedicure, nails done, eyebrows waxed and shopping.
On Tuesday we drove to Indianapolis and picked up dad from the airport and took him to Grandma and Grandpas House.

We spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa- Lizzie and I making dinner for the family- giving Grandma a break. We made milanesas, mashed potatoes, green beans, honey glazed carrots, a cake, (Tina brought up a Yummy salad to share since she had leftovers from a picnic from the day before) and french bread. It was really good (or at least I thought so). We had 10 people with us. It was good to see everyone.

Here is Grandma and Grandpa sitting at the dinner table waiting for the food.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Rita were able to make it out to visit with us as well. It was Uncle Mikes birthday so we made sure to Sing Happy Birthday to him.

Of course Uncle Allan and Aunt Sharon were able to make it to... I made sure we had plenty of french bread since I know how much Aunt Sharon loves bread!

Wednesday we did some laundry at this quaint laundry place. The machines were ancient and it made me very thankful that I have a machine at home and do not need to go anywhere to do laundry.

Thursday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Friday, was the actual wedding day and it was filled with MUCH activity.

Here we are with Debbie Smith one of the other bridesmaids.

We got our hair done, makeup done and ran to the "Embassy" (an old theatre in Fort Wayne) to get ready for the actual ceremony.

Final, The Happy Bride and Groom- Adam and Sarah Ryndack.


Sharon said...

Thanks Kathy and Lizzie, the milanesas were delicious, and it was wonderful to come in after work and not have to prepare a meal. Ironically (in reference to your comment about me loving bread), I didn't eat any. That must have been the old me, the current me can't eat bread because it causes horrific acid reflux.

Elizabeth said...

Kathy I had an awesome week... thanks for everything!

rita said...

Great week and good photos. I love the one of Grandpa and Grandma. And milanesas mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!