Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lord give us WISDOM

The past week has been a real test for us. Our jobs have been VERY trying- It is amazing what a poor economy does to people. I find myself praying more and more for strength. I also find myself asking GOD what HE wants of us- where HE wants us to be.
Pray with us as we seek the Lords direction in our lives for the future. Lots of things are not clear right now for us so we ask that you pray with us. That we BE STILL and listen for God's direction.


Elizabeth said...

we will be praying!

Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Paul and Kathy ~

Yes, of course, we will continue to pray for the path the Lord wants you to take.

Lhoyt said...

We've been praying that the Lord will lead all our children. This gives us a little more direction in our prayer. Thanks!