Monday, June 8, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

I blinked and it was Monday again! Where did my weekend go?
Saturday we had a car appointment to get the oil changed and the brakes changed- We arrived at the dealership at 7:30 am- signed in and they drove the car away. 4 hours later - did you hear me- 4 hours later they brought the car out done!!!! We were beside ourselves- Since when does an oil change and brake change take 4 hours? I was politely told that the work being done was under warranty- so what is that supposed to mean? Does that mean since I wont be paying anything for the services provided they can just take their grand old time????
From there we went to Rincon de Buenos Aires (an argentine restaurant) to eat lunch and watch the game Argentina vs Columbia. We spent 3 hours at the restaurant- good thing Argentina won!
From there we went to visit Pastor Mario and Gabby Alsina- Good news for them! They got their residency card! We have been praying for this for them for over a year now! We had good time of fellowship and dinner with them. Their dogs had puppies again- 5 of them! we played with them for a little while and also just spent sometime on the Word of God. What a blessing to have fellowship with believers. We left at 10:30 pm.
Sunday morning came quickly! Church at 9:00 am and then home to work on Lunch- we invited friends over for lunch- We spent time with them in fellowship most of the day!
Before I realised it - It was time for bed-
Where did the time go?


Elizabeth said...

Well it sounds like you got alot accomplished so that is good...
You were even able to get together and fellowship with others..

Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

you must one of those foreign cars :)

glad that you're enjoying the blessed time of fellowship :)


Lhoyt said...

The fellowship w/other believers is what I miss most. We haven't gotten any friends yet, because we have not settled on a church yet. I've made acquaintance with several of the neighbors, but it's not the same.