Saturday, September 5, 2009

Be Thankful Always

Never in my life had I imagined I would have a week like the last week I had. God must really be wanting to teach me something. Work has been really busy- which will only get worse in the weeks to come.
Most of you know how I post at times about my WONDERFUL staff! I must say that the group gets along really well and works well together. We help each other out when needed and we do it without complaining.
The horrible part of this story is that as of yesterday- When the group consisted of 9 people (that is including the owner) now we are down to 6. Yesterday we had a lay off at work. We are now left with the owner, the accounting lady (who only works 12 hours a week), one sales person, 2 support staff to do the day to day activities (which might I add- one is pregnant and due in 3 weeks) and ME-
Now think about this carefully- We had someone that handled the clients that had life and health insurance- we now have no one to handle that.
We had someone that handled all the personal lines (auto insurance and home insurance) we now have no one to handle that.
We had an AWESOME customer service representative- who was a jack of all trades- she was at the front desk as a receptionist, did quoting, checked policies, set up accounts, etc... She is no longer with us.
So.... do you think we have less work since they left? ABSOLUTELY not. Who do you think will be straddled with that work- I think you have figured it out... YES ME!!!!
Well- instead of being negative about it I have decided that I will do my best with a smile on my face- I will Honor God and keep giving my ALL in these difficult times.
When the decision was made to lay off 3 employees- it cut me deep- because there is not a performance issue with the employees- it is an economic issue that caused the lay off. I went home very sad- Thank you Paul for the moral support (while I cried on your shoulder).
Yesterday was a very emotional sad day. Many tears were shed.
I think for the first time since I have worked at Landini the entire office was SAD, quiet and emotionally spent.
So- in lieu of the situation at hand... I am fully aware that my life at Landini will not be the place it used to be. Paul and I are both praying for direction- That the Lord show us clearly what he wants of our lives and where he wants our lives.
Praise the Lord I have a job- Of that I am truly thankful- I will continue to Rejoice on the positives of the whole situation and pray for daily strength to make it through the day.
Pray with me wont you?


Linda said...

No wonder we haven't heard from you. I'm sure it is so hard on those of you who are left. The situation is not good. I hope all your friends will be able to find other positions soon.

Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

We are praying for you and Paul... you know our desire has always been to be closer together as a family... Love you and miss you!

Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Yes, of course, you and Paul will be in our daily thoughts and prayers. The Lord will provide for your needs.


Jenna said...

I am so sorry for all of this. I was just thinking about you and Paul this week and if you guys had decided on his job sitution yet. I can't beleve Landini is down to 6 people. I hope all goes well and I will pray for you guys and for those who lost their jobs. Best of luck! Keep me posted!

Lhoyt said...

I'm sitting here listening to you on the other ext. I feel for you, and we are praying for you. I'm trusting the Lord to direct your paths. We love you.


rita said...

Praying for God's best for you and His glory through it all. So comforting to know that nothing can frustrate God's purposes.