Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Mercies

God is good.... I was able to keep one of the employees!!! Hooray for us! I really do not like working on the personal lines desk- And God knew that... because the decision to fire one of the employees was reversed!
I have been very thankful for that!
Work is going better than anticipated- but the days ahead will be getting harder as Tanya goes on maternity leave. Okay- enough of that! NO more sad news... On to the more fun stuff.

Paul and I have truly enjoyed having Pastor Mario and Gabby living with us. We enjoy the meals together and the fellowship we have with them. We have shown them how important it is to spend time as a family. SO once in a while we have family night- which usually consists of a dinner and a movie. Three weeks ago for our Saturday family night I made spinach lasagna and we watched Get Smart - the movie that came out a few years ago. It was great to see them relax and enjoy the time. They seem to always be busy, between visiting people from the church and the church activities, that Paul and I felt like they never take time to just RELAX and do nothing... That mental down time is DESPERATELY needed. I am starting to grow attached to their dogs. They have 2 small dogs. They are really funny to watch. It is amazing how dogs make you forget about everything that is going on around you and help you relax.

On another note- Paul is taking two classes right now that are BRUTAL. He is spending most of his free time with school. Reading, writing and taking tests. I think he will be very thankful when these two classes are over.

I on the other hand- seem to be more relaxed at home. I truly think it is more because I have great help with the chores of home. Pastor and Gabby clean the house for me since they are living with us. This is a HUGE help to us. I am ever so Thankful for them and their work.

My parents may be coming out to visit in October, and I am looking forward to the possibility of this visit. My mother used to come quite frequently and work at my office while she was here but my father has not been out here in probably 5 or more years.

For all of my blog prayer warriors please keep my in-laws in your prayers. My mother in law is in Nebraska spending time with her mother since she is not doing well. My father in law is in Argentina continuing their ministry in Argentina. I know that my MIL needed to make this trip to see her mother but I am also very sure that my FIL is missing her. We keep them in our constant prayers.

Okay- I guess that is enough news for one blog... I am getting tired and really looking forward to my night of sleep.

Until the next one.....


Linda said...

I am glad for your good news. I didn't know the pastor was living with you guys.

I like your 'open door' policy!

Lhoyt said...

I'm excitedly looking forward to getting out there for abt. a week. It has been a long time, and although you have made the trip out here several times, I've desperately wanted to get out there.

rita said...

I love your title. God is so good. Hospitality has its high rewards. Fun family times ahead. Enjoy!
May FIL and MIL experience grace upon grace.