Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am still here!

Believe it or not I miss blogging. It was a great way to keep people informed on our life. I am amazed at how busy my life has become.
Paul and I were just talking about how BUSY we have made ourselves. And every way we look at things for now that is how things must be. Paul has been extremely busy with school. I am going to start a count down to when Paul will be done with school- then maybe we will return to a semi- normal life. I love spending time with Paul- and while he is in school my time with him is limited. So selfishly I am looking forward to the day he is done.
Work for me is going better than expected. I have started taking my Bible to work with me and doing my devotions in the morning early (before everyone shows up) and I am amazed at how that has changed my outlook to work. Not that I didn't like work before but I felt overwhelmed all the time with all the work I had to do... but since I have been reading my devos at work- I feel more at peace- I thank God for that.
Pastor Mario and Gabby leave for Argentina on Thursday. It is bitter sweet for me- Bitter because I hate to see my friends leave for 2 months- but sweet because I know that they will be with family that they have not seen in years and they need a vacation.
Their dogs Che and Piba will be with us the whole time- but here is the kicker- we think that Piba is pregnant again!!!! She may be due at the end of November- It depends on when she conceived- This means that we may be the ones to take care of her with the puppies. I am a little worried about this- I just don't want something to happen to either her or the puppies. So I am praying that the puppies come after the 27th of November. Pray with me please.
Tomorrow is donations day. I made fiesta tamale pie for the workers along with a salad. I hope they enjoy it.
We will see what the Lord blesses the church with tomorrow.


Elizabeth said...

I am praying for you... and Lord willing look forward to coming to help you our in November. I know you guys are always on the go and although it may be a good thing for a season it can burn you out rather quickly. So I will join you in the countdown for this school season to end for Paul, which Lord willing will allow you guys a more normal schedule.
Love you and miss you,

Linda said...

Hey, Kathy,
It is good to hear from you. I really enjoyed having Priscilla here for the weekend. She is heading back to Argentina on Thursday too!

Love you!

Lhoyt said...

Missed your blogs while you were in the process of adjusting to new circumstances.
Glad you are discovering the connection between peace and its source-God speaking to you through His Word. Wish I had made that discovery much sooner in life.