Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today was a very hard day for me. Overall I get along pretty well with most people. I try very hard to give a good example to my co-workers and my customers and shine the Light of God. Today I feel like I have slipped some- I had a NASTY confrontation with one of our new co-workers. I should have walked away and cooled off before I reacted- but I let the FLESH take over and boy was it NASTY. I went to the restroom and had a little meltdown. I have been under so much pressure that this situation just broke the camels back. The worst part is that he was clearly wrong but I should have never reacted the way I did so it made me wrong too. I have asked God to forgive me and have asked him to forgive me for the way I reacted. I appreciate all of you for thinking of my and being my prayer warriors.
I have to get better at blogging again! I have missed writing and also I know that some of you keep caught up with us through this blog.
Talk to you all soon!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kathy, until we are with our Father in His House, we will have these failures. I know I sure do. I am encouraged to see how quickly you responded in asking the Lord's forgiveness. The hard part is asking forgiveness for your reaction to the other party - the part I hate, but the part that brings joy for doing what we know is right. I love you, Kathy. May God strengthen you and give you wisdom during these stressful days at work. Mom G

Jenna said...

Kathy! It is great to finally "hear" from you. I am so sorry that you day didn't start off very well. I hope it gets better and that you can have a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving. I hope the office is well. A new co-worker is a good sign? I hope my invite made it to you, I only had the office's address. I hope to hear how things are going with you and Paul (etc) soon!

Elizabeth said...

Kathy - We are praying for you! I am praying God will work all things out and give you a clear vision of what He wants for you and Paul.

Love you,

rita said...

We missed you, too.

Linda said...

I thought you guys had disappeared into a cave somewhere. Sometimes, I think that might be a good solution for all of us, but instead, we'll get to be in the 'Son'-shine of Heaven.

I'm sorry you had a confrontation, but life does happen. You apologized, and I hope he takes the apology to heart and forgives you too. With the way the job situation is, people are very tense.

Good to hear from you! Love you guys!