Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paul Daniel Goossen

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL! Today Paul turns 34 years old. He woke up and went downstairs to find everything decorated around the house with his favorite BOCA colors (blue and yellow). Pastor and Gabby were the ones the decorated the entire house. It was a nice surprise for him! I have the day off of work today to celebrate his birthday - Paul on the other hand was not able to take the day off. So, when he gets home we will be going to his favorite restaurant for dinner with our dear friends Pastor Mario and Gabby. I am taking him to Pannevino- YUMMY YUMMY.
I have also included a picture of my favorite little puppy. He is the only boy and he is always eating. I have even given him a name- "chanchito" (piggy) because he is the fattest and he is always eating.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday, dear Paul. I hope your day is extra special!

rita said...

¡Feliz cumpleaƱos, Paul!

Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Happy Birthday Paul! We pray that you have an excellent time celebrating your special day!

Mike and Elizabeth

auntie Jude said...

Happy Belated Birthday Paul!!! Hope you had a wonderful dinner with your wife and friends. When I saw the heading to your blog I thought you named the only boy puppy Paul. HaHa!! Love ya

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Paul... sorry we didn't call you yesterday but after my surgery I slept most of the day away..

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Lhoyt said...

Tried calling you on your birthday, Paul, but must have called when you were at the restaurant. Anyway, we all thought of you, and hope this was a very memorable birthday.