Monday, February 8, 2010

96 days

96 days until.....
  • I get to sleep in every day for a week
  • I get to enjoy some sand
  • I get to see my sister and her husband
  • I get to take my mind off work!
  • I get to RELAX
  • I get to try different kinds of foods
  • I don't have a schedule to keep

Any idea what I am talking about?????????? YES- VACATION- Cruise to Mexico. I am SO looking forward to this trip. I need the mental break. I am equally excited that my sister and her husband will be able to go with us. We will be able to make more memories together.

Ana is officially living with us as of Saturday. We got her settled in her room. Her goal while she lives with me is to learn how to cook. She was really never taught many things growing up so I am going to be "mentoring" her in many aspects. Yesterday we made a pasta bake- it was yummy- she could not believe how easy the process was and then how tasty the dish was. Tonight we are going to make milanesas and french fries.

I will try to post more of the adventures of Ana in the Kitchen....


Elizabeth said...

96 more days until and...
we don't have to cook or clean up
we can read, play cards and sit by the pool all day long

I just can't will be so nice to rest and enjoy the week with you guys... it's too bad this cruise didn't fit into everyone's schedule...

See you in 96 days!

Lhoyt said...

I'm so glad Mom taught you all those things--and that you have enjoyed expanding on them. Makes for a very efficient and wonderful wife.

Patty said...

Does this mean I am going to get to see you before or after your cruise? Hopefully. Where do you depart from?