Friday, February 19, 2010

The rat race

The rat race continues.... nothing much has changed. Work, Eat, Sleep, Work, Eat, Sleep... It seems like that is my life lately.

It has been really busy in Goossenville. Ana is doing really well. I was a little concerned that she would be sad with her family gone to Mexico- but I have managed to keep her busy between work, teaching her cooking tips, and Bible study time. I also have introduced her to reading Tracey Peterson books and she is hooked.

Paul has been extremely busy with school. These two classes that he is taking is ZAPPING him. They are tough classes so I am kind of thankful that he is home working on them. He was thinking that having so much time off would make it easier in school- but he has come to realize he is spending over 40 hours a week on his classes.

I do want to say THANK you to all my prayer warriors- I know that we have faithful friends and family praying for Paul and his job search. He has been to several interviews. One place in particular has done 2 interviews and made him take a personality test. We are praying that God open the doors to the RIGHT job for him. We know that HE will take care of us through this time. We covet your prayers in this manner as well.

I am thoroughly looking forward to this weekend. I need the days to refresh and renew!

Until the next one.....


Linda said...

Did Paul make his trip? I was sorry we weren't going to be home.

We are praying he will get a job he really likes.

Lhoyt said...

We pray for you daily. This can be a trying time, but may have been just the ticket so that Paul could do his best on school. Our Father is in charge!
So glad you have a heart for discipling Ana. Keep it up!