Wednesday, March 10, 2010


What Fun! I am so happy to announce that I am having fun! Funny ugh? You would think that being busy and constantly on the run would make for a stressful time- but I am happy to announce that I am having FUN. I was thinking last night about how much I actually do enjoy my job. Even though I belly ache sometimes about my job- I really do enjoy going in to work every day, and for that I am very THANKFUL.

Let me update you on Paul- it has been good for him to be back to work. The new job is a good job- just a very busy one. He is mainly a phone/e-mail support person- which is VERY different than what he was used to doing. Every day it gets better- he learns a little more every day of the "correct" procedure on handling various problems. School has been going well- This week is the last week for these 2 classes. He gets a week off and then its back to school.

Ana has been doing really well. She has been a pleasure to have at our house.

I am SOOOOO Looking forward to MAY. As the days go on I get more and more excited.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the update... it is always good to hear such Praise worthy things!

I can't wait until May either... the time can't come soon enough for me :-)

love you and miss you,

rita said...

What a blessing/gift it is to be able to enjoy one's work/job. Party on!

Lhoyt said...

Glad Paul is doing well, both at school and at work. I, too, am looking forward to vacation, though I wish we were going with you.
You're right about enjoying one's job. It makes it so much better when you do.