Sunday, March 14, 2010

A weekend to remember

We have had a fun filled weekend. We started out with having Pastor and Gabby out for dinner on Friday night. I made homemade lasagna with garlic bread and salad. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and games. Paul got real silly towards the end of the night and every little thing made him laugh. We all laughed so hard that my jaw hurt from laughing. It was great Fun.

Saturday we woke up early and decided to visit our little French bakery- Bonjour- and got coffee with facturas. YUM. This is a special treat for Paul. While Paul and I were out Ana was running around doing her weekend errands (check her PO box, go to bank, check on their other vehicle). On our way home we went to Glaziers grocery shopping. We bought some shark steaks and some
t-bone steaks. Then I started working on dinner since we were having our friends Mark and Elizabeth Houston over for dinner. Dinner was really good and also full of fun and laughter. We pulled out our ROCK BAND game and played for about 3 hours. It is funny how at first everyone is shy when the game begins and as soon as a few songs go by everyone loosens up and really gets into the songs.

Today- after loosing an hour of sleep last night I am TIRED and thankful that it is the day of rest.

On other news- I have an URGENT prayer request. My mother in law Priscilla Goossen will be coming to the USA for medical treatment. Please pray for her health!


Elizabeth said...

I saw something posted on FB... so the tests didn't come back good? We will be praying for her...

Linda said...

Oh no! The last we heard was they thought all the cancer had been removed. Did the scan show some more?