Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This weekend Paul and I had the opportunity to bless someone- and we took full advantage of it.
Let me go back to the beginning of March. Our office hired 2 new guys this month. They are sales people- so their goal is to get business for Landini. One of the men has moved here from Detroit. He came home from work one day and his wife of 16 years was gone. She took the 3 kids and left. He was left not knowing where his kids and wife were. After 6 months of looking for them he found them here in Las Vegas. He immediately quit his job, sold all his "stuff" and got in the car to start his drive to Las Vegas to be closer to his children. Unfortunately, he was not able to reconcile with his wife, she asked him for a divorce. This is where we meet him and hired him to work for us. He was so desperate to find a job in order to stay in Las Vegas and close to his children.
Well, in passing he was asking me where to find cheap household goods since he came here with nothing and he needs to set up life here in Las Vegas.
While discussing this with Paul we felt God pushing us to help in any way possible. (for those of you that know us understand how we feel about giving!)
We invited him over for dinner on Saturday. When he came we had 2 big Rubbermaid containers full of food for him. We also did some "de-cluttering" and gave him lots of items that we had double of. We also had an extra twin bed that we gave him. Basically we took all the stuff that we really don't NEED but have and donated it to him. It is amazing what joy one feels when giving.
He was overwhelmed- and we took the opportunity to invite him to church. He appreciated the invite and said he would think about it. This was GREAT for Ana to see as well.
Now- I am not telling you all of this for you to think we are good people- because trust me we are NOT good people. Only God is GOOOD. We just follow God's leading- I tell you because I want you to be more open to "giving" when God leads. The reward is ETERNAL- and that is what matters most!!!!!.

On another note- My mother in law and father in law travel to the States today. We have been praying for their safety, and also for Mom's health. We beg you to Please pray with us regarding her health.


Linda said...

What a great testimony! I'm sure the Lord will continue to bless you!

Thanks, also, for the reminder about Priscilla. We've been praying!

Elizabeth said...

Keep us posted on Paul's parents and how things are going!

Praise the Lord you were able to bless this man in that way!

Lhoyt said...

You can be sure the Lord will bless you for your obedience. But above all, we'll be praying for the salvation of your friend.