Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday News

Often I wonder how I missed so much when I was younger- How blinded I was to my surroundings. And how Innocent I was when it came to life in general. I definitely lived in a sheltered world. I say that with GREAT pride. My parents did not shelter me from reality as I got older but when I was young I was EXPECTED to act young and not to have to deal with the problems of the world. I really enjoyed my childhood. I DID get spankings- and trust me I deserved them, every single one! That did not keep me from enjoying my childhood, I actually believe that it made my childhood better.... I am a firm believer that limits and rules and enforcement of the rules by rewarding a child when they do not obey (aka spanking) makes for a happier child.

So, you may be wondering what made me blog about this today- Well, one of my clients daughters is 10 years old (just turned 10 in April) and she is pregnant! Yes, you heard me right, she is pregnant at 10!!!!! I was playing with Barbies at 10 !!!!! This got me thinking of how blessed I was to grow up in a home where God is the center of it! Where we were taught right from wrong and where I had a childhood.

Thank you GOD for a God fearing family! I am truly blessed.
Thank you DAD and MOM for allowing me to be a child and for raising me in a Godly home!


Linda said...

How sad, babies having babies!

Lhoyt said...

It is scary to think what may become of those poor girls, and it makes me angry to think that the girl (and her family) is the only one who ends up having to take on any responsibility. How badly our country needs to be faced with the gospel. Socialism will only make it worse.