Sunday, June 27, 2010


What a FANTASTIC game! Paul, Ana and I decided to watch the game at Rincon de Buenos Aires (an argentine restaurant) and enjoy the company of other argentine people. Poor Ana, being Mexican was like being in a den full of lions. Good thing she did not advertise that she is Mexican. Also, she does not look Mexican so she just sat and enjoyed the game. She did come with us knowing that Mexico would not win. We got there around 9:30 am and the game did not start until 11:30 PST which meant we had to wait 2 hours. But good thing we did arrive early because the place filled up REALLY fast. There were around 150 people in the restaurant that usually fits only about 50 people. There were people everywhere sitting/ standing. We enjoyed a coffee with facturas for breakfast and then for lunch we had an asado. YUM YUM.
Here I am with the Argentine flag wrapped around me.

Okay- this picture was not really fair for Ana- she was a good sport though.

Well, it has been a busy day already but now it is time for church. It is going to be interesting since we are going to Pastor Mario's church and the majority of the people are Mexican.
VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!! (lets go Argentina)


Elizabeth said...

I am so glad Argentina won!!

Kathy - you look really tired!! Take care of yourself and rest up so you can enjoy the cruise!

See you Wednesday!

Love ya!

rita said...

¡Arriba Argentina!¡Pobre Ana y todos mis amigos mexicanos!
Sometimes I am torn on who to cheer for, only a little tiny bit ;)

Lhoyt said...

I, too, am torn in my loyalties, as I have made many mexican friends, but in the end, "la querencia está en la Argentina"