Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School

Paul has officially registered for classes again! When Paul was laid off at Molycorp it kind of put a stop on his studies since we WILL not borrow money to go to school. He started a new job however, adjusting to it made him wait a little longer to return to school. I was praying that he would finish his schooling since he has gotten SOOO close. Saturday he decided that it was time for him to sign up for a class. He officially starts back up on October 25, 2010. We are a little off our goal of finishing school by the end of this year- but he is back to school and not quiting. He is not able to take 2 classes at a time as before (time and money will not permit) so it will be a slower process.
This weekend we cleaned closets out and got piles made for a garage sale. When my sister is out in September we are going to have a garage sale.
This week is my last week before VACATION. I cannot wait! I am excited to have my parents and Lizzie come out to visit. My dad has not been out here for a long time. (at least 6 years!)
Then we CELEBRATE with them (a little late) their 40th Anniversary on the Carnival Paradise!!!!


rita said...

Good for him! Glad it doesn't interfere with the family cruise. That will be a specially meaningful time.

Linda said...

It sounds like you have a full plate again! Have fun with your family!

Lhoyt said...

Glad Paul will be back in school. It may not make a great difference in what he knows, because he would learn it anyway, but to finish a goal is important.
Only six days til we see you!!!