Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Routine

I am finally back somewhat to a normal routine. We have some busy months ahead.
This weekend we are cleaning, organizing, and gathering items for a garage sale. We are having a garage sale next Saturday. I have 2 rooms to clear out so that when Lizzie comes out to live we can make her feel comfortable.
I go on vacation September 6th through September 13th. My parents and Lizzie come out on September 8th. We all, including Paul go on the cruise on September 10-13 to celebrate my parents 40th anniversary.
On October 14th I make the flight out to Atlanta to make the long road trip from Atlanta to Las Vegas. God has worked everything out so that my aunt Judy and my mom are able to make the trip with Lizzie and I. It is going to be a GREAT adventure. We plan on stopping at the grand canyon on October 21st- since this is Mike's birthday- I think he would have liked that!
Then in November Paul, Lizzie and I will be going to South Carolina to be together as a family for Thanksgiving.
So, as you see we have quite a few months ahead.
I want to say THANK YOU again to all of you for praying for us.
We all are doing really well and we know it is all because of all of you who keep us in your prayers.


Linda said...

I guess we all have the 'months ahead', but not all the fun activities!

Did Mike die of a heart attack? Give Liz a hug from me, even though she doesn't know me!

rita said...

It is beautiful to see your close-knit family surrounding, supporting and embracing Lizzie at this time and always.
Have a wonderful family cruise!