Sunday, October 24, 2010


What a weekend... but let me back up a bit. We made it home earlier than expected. Our original plans were to get home Friday, however we decided that rather than stay an extra day in Flagstaff- just to head home after going to the Grand Canyon. We arrived safe and sound. God was VERY good to us keeping the weather really pleasant and the traffic bearable. Friday we got Lizzies room ready. Saturday the pod arrived- and even though we had a small hiccup with the Pod (we needed a street permit in order to park the pod in front of our house) the driver was gracious and allowed it to stay as long as we signed a waiver stating that if we got fined we would have to pay the fine. We spent the next hour unloading the pod and filling my garage with all of Lizzies stuff. After that chore- we were spent.... we took a nap to rest for the night we had planned ahead. We went to dinner and then I was able to get comp tickets to see Cher (one of my Aunts favorites artists). The concert was very loud and very unique- however my aunt had a GREAT time and that is all that really mattered to us.
Today we took her around Las Vegas for the sights and then we came home to relax.
We played cards, played Guitar Hero on the WII... What a blast. SO much in such a short time... Making memories which is the BEST part of all. MANY photos to follow.
Signing off for now.... Big day ahead - back to work :-(


Rosalyn said...

I know you have had a fun trip, but I am looking forward to having Mom back home. Being the only lady around is not as much fun as you might think. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Lhoyt said...

I hope you have plenty of pictures, and that they are varied.
Sounds exhausting, but I know you had a good time.