Friday, November 19, 2010

Goossen Happenings!

Our life has been so full the past few months- Hence the lack of posting!
I know that some of you miss hearing what is going on in our lives! I decided to take a break today and sit down and write what has been going on with us!
We have a new Roommate living with us! My sister officially moved in with us in October. She has been a blessing to have around. She helps with housework and she is my company while Paul is doing school work or gone to the billiards league. I am back to making cards- which is REALLY a good way to relax after a rough day at work.
Elizabeth has also started working with me at Landini & Associates. God had everything planned out for us- Becca the lady that was our receptionist gave notice about 1 month prior to Elizabeth coming to live with us. She and her husband moved to Utah- leaving a vacancy at my place- the funny thing is that her last week was a week after Elizabeth moved here! Well- what do you think that means???? She got the job!
Her first week was rough... She has not worked outside the home for 3 years therefore getting back into the swing of things can be rough at first. But she has SO much potential! I am training her in other areas that will help me out even more. She is a pleasure to have at the office. No matter what her circumstances she is always so cheery and happy. She sits at her desk and hums all day long. It makes me happy to see her content where the Lord has put her!
On another note, since Elizabeth decided to move here- we decided that we needed to find a new church. Not that where we were going (Calvary Chapel) was not good- because the preaching is good there- it is just TOO big and very hard to get plugged in. The music style never really appealed to me- I prefer singing out of a hymnal, and it was time to stop being pew warmers.
So, Elizabeth and I went one Sunday to Canyon Spring Baptist Church (the weekend that Paul was sick). What a pleasant surprise. The church is very small. This is a plant church not even a year old. We have now gone 3 weeks in a row and REALLY enjoy it. We have gone to a picnic and truly enjoyed the fellowship. The people are VERY friendly and welcoming.
We look forward to seeing what God has in store for us at this church.
Work has been good for both of us! Paul keeps busy, but as time goes on seems to enjoy it more and more.
Next week Paul and I travel to South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with the family. It will be good to be together again!
I will be doing my best to blog more often so that I keep you all up to date on the happenings in Goossenville!


rita said...

So good to read your update!
Blessings on your busy household.
Happy Thanksgiving with the clan!
Is Lizzy staying in LV to hold down the fort?

Anonymous said...

So good to get news from your blog once again. Happy Thanksgiving. Mom G.