Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Today Paul and I start our trip to Charleston! We are excited to see everyone and looking forward to some Rest and Relaxation!

On another note- Please pray for a friend of Lizzie's from Georgia. On Monday her son was in a car accident. He went home to be with the Lord.

I want to end my post listing 5 things that I am thankful for-

1. Jesus my Saviour without HIM there would be NO HOPE.
2. Family- and truly looking forward to seeing them very soon!
3. Church- I am SO thankful that we have found a new church to call home.
4. Work- Yes- I am thankful for a job. There were months were I thought we were not going to make it- but we are still here- still plugging along and I am very thankful that we are.
5. Friends- I have made some friend in Las Vegas, but none of them were saved so I never really felt the close connection we could have if we were brothers and sisters in Christ.... However- now I have made more friends and we are also Brothers and Sisters in Christ so it makes the friendship even more special!


Elizabeth said...

My Thanks Giving list is exactly the same... this year God's free gift of eternal salvation has been an extra special thanks because of the hope it gives me to know that I will see Mike again one day... Praise the Lord for the Peace that comes with knowing that!

Can't wait to see you tonight!

Lhoyt said...

It is so different when you meet a brother or sister in Christ. You immediately sense something is different, better than all the friendships you have had with others. Thank God for His children with whom we can have such an affinity!! And thank God for his love and care for us.