Monday, December 13, 2010

It's me again!

It's me! I feel like I have not blogged in a while- and that is because I really haven't. I truly love this time of year- however- I find that I don't really have time to REST much. Of course, I think I am the cause of my busyness. Right after Thanksgiving it is Paul's birthday. He turned 35 this year! Lizzie and I took him to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants- Pannevino- He loves the service and excellent food. I told the waiter that it was his birthday and they made it extra special by bringing him a canoli with this beautifully decorated plate.

Look at the beautiful plate they did for me. We truly enjoyed the food and fellowship.

December 4th was the church banquet. We truly have enjoyed getting to know the church family. We had a wonderful time at the banquet. Our special music was a man by the name of Ben Everson- he sang some beautiful songs.
The next week of work was very unusual. December is usually a slow insurance month. For some reason this year it seems like we are super busy. I am so VERY thankful that Lizzie is working with me she has been such a HUGE help to me. This past Friday we decided to take the evening off and RELAX with a movie and some BBQ at Famous Daves. We have been wanting to watch the movie "Tangled" since it came out. We have free movie tickets to AMC theatre- and there is only one in Las Vegas which is about 30 minutes away from home. So we made the drive on Friday only to find out that the movie "Tangled" had a rip in the actual movie and we were told that we could watch it but it would be not as enjoyable. Well, we ended up seeing Megamind. I really did not have high expectations with this movie so I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. It was cute- and a good way to RELAX after a stressful week. The picture below is of Lizzie at Famous Daves. She was making a face at some silly thing that Paul had just done at the restaurant.

The next picture is of Paul- I could not resist, I love the HAPPY GENUINE smile on his face. I know it is not the best quality picture but I love it that is why I share it!
Saturday, Lizzie and I spent making Christmas treats for Paul's co-workers and for our neighbors. Then on Saturday evening Paul and I went to Paul's Christmas party. Being at the party reminded me of the deprived world we live in. We did not stay very long- pretty much made an appearance and then left- Just enough time to say hi to everyone and then leave!
Sunday was a great day- after church we went to lunch with Pastor and his family. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and introducing them to Mediterranean food.
Well, I gotta run for now... Just wanted to let you all know that I have not forgotten you- I am a little busier than normal.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Kathy... just an FYI the singers last name is Everson... here is a link that I found that talked about him...

Love ya!

Lhoyt said...

I just got back to reading he blogs. Enjoyed this one very much. I wonder whether we will get to meet your pastor. I would surely love to, but realize it may not be possible. See you this evening.