Monday, January 3, 2011


We woke up this morning to snow- now this is big NEWS for Las Vegas since we rarely get snow. This is what it looked like outside my balcony.

This is the picture out of my car. It was a little scary driving to work this morning! Good thing there were NO crazy people on the road while I was driving.
Last, here is a picture of one of the pens that Paul made this weekend. It is by far my favorite pen he has made. He truly enjoys his new hobby! He will be making pens for all the men at church for Fathers day so he is working on perfecting his work so that they all get a REALLY nice pen.

It is supposed to snow all day today. I can only imagine what it will be like going home from work today. These kind of days make me want to stay home with hot tea and a good book.


Elizabeth said...

The snow was beautiful!
I think this pen Paul made is very manly looking... it is very nice and he does an excellent job!
Hey we should have stayed home with some hot tea and a book snuggled on the couch... why didn't we?

rita said...

We sent the snow your way ;)
How does Paul make those pens?
I'm so impressed. What is that hobby called?