Friday, August 10, 2012

Elizabeth Williams

Dear Friends!

I am on a mission to help my sister. Let me explain. My sister lost her husband almost 2 years ago. When her husband passed away she graciously accepted our invitation to move out to Las Vegas with us. She has been a tremendous help to me during these past two years. God has been working in her life during these two years and given her the desire to do more work for HIM! In July she went on a missions trip to New Mexico to work with the Navajo people. She came back exhausted BUT renewed in the LORD. She worked with a family of 5 siblings who lost their mother last winter and live all alone. From what she shared with me the living conditions that these poor orphans live in are less than OK. She has been burdened to return to New Mexico to work with more Navajo people. She has prayed about it and feels led to return in October with the next missions team. She is not one to ask for a hand out- which is why I am doing this for her. Missions trips are not necessarily extremely expensive but for a lady who does not really work outside of keeping house for us (Paul and I) it can be costly. She has decided to sell Lilla Rose Flexi clips as a way to FUND her next missions trip.

So what am I asking of you- Well- it is really simple- I would love to be able to serve God by helping HER be fully FUNDED for her next missions trip. Check out this link- I have several clips and they are REALLY nice and work well. The month of August has a special that for any PARTY order over $20 you get free shipping. This is a SUPER deal.


It really is not hard to do- check out the website and if you think you can help her out let me know... she will set up a party for you so that you can receive the free shipping- DO NOT PURCHASE through the above website since it will not give you the free shipping. If you want to help but rather not buy something you can contribute via a donation sent to our church that will be allocated to her missions trip. If you cannot financially help- That is FINE- but can I ask that you pray for her? PRAYER is NEEDED and very much appreciated.

Here is one of the clips that I got.  They are all so unique, easy to use and VERY pretty.

So, in the spirit of HELPING My sister I am going to be doing a give away of the below clip. 

YOU want to win this clip? 
Here is what you have to do to be entered in the drawing of the clip- 
Leave me a comment telling me how GOD has blessed you today.  WE all are Blessed daily so this should be very easy for you to do.  The winning comment will be randomly selected on August 15th. 
If you have more than one Blessing to leave you are welcome leave up to 5 comments- Any after that will be disqualified... This gives you a higher chance to be the WINNER of the clip!

Ok- now get to entering your comments.

Love ya,

Vegas Girl   :-)


Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Thank you so much for your support Kathy!
Love you very much!

Angela Mercier said...

today, God has blessed me with YOU and your wonderful blog. I am having a pretty tough time right now just being happy and satisfied with life as it IS and can't seem to let go and let God work in my life. Your unwavering faith is a wonderful example and makes me want to be a more Godly woman myself. <3