Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hi Friends!  What a busy few weeks we have had. 

Michael my brother came to visit occupying most of my evenings last week, and then this week a nasty flu bug came to visit us.

First, she visited Paul, which put him out of commission for the entire weekend.  I did my best not to meet or greet this needy new friend of his, but somehow she felt the need to visit me anyways- no matter how cold and distant I was towards her!

I told her she was not welcome, but she refused to listen, hence bringing me down for two complete days to nurture and take care of her. Kind of rude of her to expect 2 complete days of my life!

Work survived without me but they were REALLY worried since I rarely take time off work due to illness- I blamed her "the flu" and vowed not to get too friendly with her since I was making my plan of attack to get her out of our lives once and for all.  I slept nearly all day ignoring her symptoms, I barely fed her and  FINALLY success.... this morning I picked her up and kicked her out the door and told her she was NOT welcome in my house again.  She was a little reluctant, leaving slight body aches, nothing a few aspirin could not handle. But she finally left.

I wonder who she will plan to visit next.

I am so happy my sister has been dog/house sitting all week so that she did not have the pleasure of meeting her as well.

I am truly looking forward to this weekend when I can do something FUN and RELAXING celebrating the departure of "her".

I pray that YOU don't get her visit either- she is not the best house guest and she ALWAYS overstays her welcome.

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Lhoyt said...

The style of your story is cute, and very appropriate for the subject matter. You would probably do well as a children's story writer. Have you ever thought of trying your hand at it?