Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Already?

This week has FLOWN by- I just blinked and BAM- the week is done.  I don't even know where to begin. 
Monday- Our weekly visit to Weight Watchers- I weighed in 2.2 lbs lighter! Hooray!  This time around on weight watchers it has been a struggle for me.  I have been on a roller coaster with my weight!  I honestly feel better now that I am watching ALL that goes in my mouth, which is why I joined weight watchers in the first place.
Tuesday- Work was really busy and in the evening we went to a friends house to use her gym- I am trying to incorporate more ACTIVITY in my life since my job is a sitting one.
Wednesday- This day was my absolute favorite- it rained ALL day and the temperature never went over 85 degrees.  I love rainy days.  We rarely get them that when it does rain it is a real treat!  We had record rainfall which is good since we REALLY needed it.  We ended the day at our friends house again doing exercises together.
Thursday was a blah day. I can't really remember any memorable activity- except that I ate 60 grams of fiber in one day- Did you know that women are supposed to have 25 grams of fiber a day?  SO you can imagine how my day ended. **smile**
Friday- today- I am very Thankful that it is FRIDAY.  I am in desperate need for this weekend.  Paul has been working extra hours so I have missed spending time with him so this weekend will be nice to have him around a little more.
Tomorrow Lizzie is hosting the Haitian Creation Purse party- so we are going to be serving Haitian food and enjoying some girl time with the ladies from church.  We are also going to breakfast with a lady from church for her birthday!
Sunday, as usual, is the Lords day and we are going to have a FUN packed day.  Hopefully I can squeeze in a  little nap on Sunday!
How has your week been?  I'm sure its been full of blessings just like mine!
Blessings dear friends,

Vegas Girl!  :-)


Lhoyt said...

I'm so proud of my daughters and their progress with weight control and exercise. Keep it up!
Uncle Alan has been following the same regimen (It's more than just a diet) and both he and Aunt Sharon are looking and feeling much better.

Lhoyt said...

I meant to say that Uncle Alan was following Aunt Sharon's diet of nuts, greens and vegetables, all raw. The folks that recommended it have themselves had great results from it.