Friday, November 21, 2008


I am SO thankful that it is Friday! Friday is the highlight of my week. After working 12 hour days by Friday I am pooped! I am really excited especially for this Friday because it is the Friday before I see my family! Also, tomorrow, Paul and I are going to Gilcrease Orchard to do some picking- I want to pick apples and make apple butter- we will see how that goes! Another thing this weekend is that I am going to the movies with a friend from my book club- we read Twilight together and now that the movie is out we are going to see the movie. I am not sure if the movie will disappoint me or not... Usually when I read a book and then watch a movie there is always disappointment involved! I guess the way it is put together in a movie is not the way my imagination put it together!



Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

Kathy~ it's too bad He made Monday's too ----


see ya next Wednesday

Kathy said...

Mike- you are correct.... Mondays are my least favorite of all....

Elizabeth said...

I saw the preview to the Twilight movie and it doesnt look at all like I movie I would ever want to watch. Hope you like it.
Our garage sale today went well although we were VERY COLD! God is good and provided the sun which brought a good flow of people in and out in the early afternoon.

Tesa said...

So did you get to make apple butter?? :)