Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yes you read it corretly- I am thankful for Potlucks-
Today is our Thanksgiving Potluck at the office- I choose today for many reasons:

1. Dee Ann (our controller) only works Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
2. I will be gone next Wednesday (flying to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with family)
3. This is Brandon's last week for the month. Next week his wife is having their 2nd baby and he is going to be home all week with her.
4. Who wants to eat Turkey 2 days in a row?

I find these EXCELLENT reasons to have the potluck a week before thanksgiving!
This is what has been signed up for (we will see how this works out)

Vince- fried turkey and gravy
Kathy- honey baked ham and cucumber salad
Tanya- stuffing and cranberry sauce
Ana- Dessert and salad
Roger- Home made dinner rolls
Dee Ann- potato casserole
Eydie- Broccoli casserole
Jenna- Pumpkin Pie
Elizabeth- not sure she said she will surprise us
Brandon- he will probably get drinks
Lou- will just participate in eating
Rocco- also will participate in eating
Melissa- usually does not stay for potlucks (she lives 5 minutes away and enjoys going home to her husband for lunch- newly weds ;-) )

Potlucks are a great way to unify an office- I try to plan one once a month ussually revolving around a holiday- I always find excuses for potlucks-

Here is the breakdown of the months and the reasons I use for the poluck- There are a few months that I need a creative idea so if you have one please suggest away!

January- Martin Luther King Potluck
February- Valentines Day potluck
March- St. Patricks Day potluck
April- Easter Potluck
May- Memorial Day Potluck
July- 4th of July Potluck
September- Labor Day Potluck
October- Halloween Potluck
November- Thanksgiving Potluck
December- Christmas Potluck



Anonymous said...

From Roz- I am not sure how to do the comment thnig so I hope this works
June- School letting out or flag day, first day of summer
August school starting,

Elizabeth said...

Everything sounds yummy.. wish we could be there to enjoy :-)
Let us know how everything went...
First day of summer would work for June
August you should just do a themed potluck... you could do Mexican or Italian... or Mom says you could do a "just because" potluck.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Love, Lizzie

rita said...

funny how teachers' minds run in the same vein. I had the same ideas as Roz!
June: school's out, hooray!
August: back-to-school sales are on, boooooo!
I think Lizzie's idea more suitable!