Thursday, March 26, 2009


I spent most of last night packing- cleaning- washing clothes- just getting ready for my 9 day trip with family. I am really anxious for this trip. This will be my first actual trip that I take with my aunt. It is going to be my aunt, my sister and my mother! I will fly to Atlanta, rent a car from there and go with my sister to South Carolina. From there I pick up my mother and aunt and we take the trip to Pennsylvania. WHAT EXCITEMENT!
I am glad that my family is with me with regard to my eating habits- since they have changed drastically- so we have been planning carefully on what to take food wise.
Today at work I have a long day ahead- I have to get all things finished so I do not leave anything loose. I am SO thankful for a WONDERFUL assistant who I can rely on 100% while I am gone. I will have to make sure I get her some kind of souvenir for all her hard work!


Elizabeth said...

I am excited and looking forward to this road trip. This will be a great adventure! I have to clean my house, get packed and make some cards...

Lhoyt said...

It will be so good to see you both. Aunt Judy is already here and we've had a good time with her.