Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yummy Spaghetti Squash

I had the most wonderful lunch today! Spaghetti Squash with sauteed tomatoes and onions. It was so yummy! I could have a HUGE portion and still only use 2 points up. It was very filling. Everyday I seem to feel more energy- which is really refreshing.
I was talking to my Aunt today about the weight watchers eating style, and I was explaining to her how easy this has been- It is easy for me because I don't really feel like I am on a diet. I feel like I have just changed the choices I make- I am choosing wiser- Example- instead of double serving of pasta I take double of salad. The other trick I have learned is that I need to eat small portions throughout the day. I try to eat something small every hour or hour and a half, this way my metabolism is constantly working- and last but not least... I drink SO much water. I have been drinking between 2 and 3 liters everyday.
I am REALLY starting to get excited in seeing my family next weekend! I can barely wait.
I will keep you all posted on my weight loss or gain (hopefully not the latter)


Tesa said...

YUMM! I love spaghetti squash! It is so simple and so yummy!

judy said...

I can't wait to have some of that. We will be healthy food buddies on the road. How does that sound? I'm so proud of you. Keep it up. Love ya--auntie Jude

judy said...

Hey my little Kathryn Ann-your old auntie did it. I guess if you keep at something long enough something finally clicks. Love ya--auntie Jude

Lhoyt said...

So glad for you! It is so much better to lose weight this way than the way I lost it--by getting sick.


Elizabeth said...

I can't wait until you get a menu going and then I will work off your menu :-)
I have a hard time counting points so I am just focusing on more water intake and healthier choices. I have made salad for dinner every night this week.
Healthier choices, smaller portions, water and exercise... that is the key.