Friday, June 25, 2010

A Bump in the road

This year has had quite a few bumps in the road and I thank God for sending them our way since they have been GREAT growth spurts for us.

For the past few months Paul has been working his best at a place where he has been beat down almost daily. He has come home sometimes with headaches, in tears and just plain exhausted.

I admire his dedication though because there have been many times where I have just told him to quit and look for another job.

A month ago he was asked if he would like to apply for the level 2 job. He immediately said "yes" since the next level is more what he is accustomed to.

He was told that there would be a competition between two of them. He spent a week in training with his competition. He then had a week where he did all the work of a level 2 person while he was evaluated. Then the following week the "competition" did the same work Paul did the week before while he was evaluated. This week management got together and made their decision.

"So Paul did they make their decision?" I asked today when Paul got home from work. With a WIDE smile he responds "yes I did but there is a small catch and management was worried that I would not agree, you see company policy is that one cannot be promoted until they are employed for 6 months and I have only been with them 2 1/2 months, this means that I will not get a pay raise until my 6 months are up, but I get to start level 2 on Monday"

Picking up on his enthusiasm I responded "that is great Paul. Congratulations- were you surprised?" Paul pauses and then carefully chooses his words " yes and no- you see I know that I am not as good as the other guy but I know that you have been praying for me so I am not surprised"

At that point I had tears in my eyes... you see I had been praying for 3 weeks that he would get the Level 2 position and God answered my prayer. And the best part is that Paul knew that God had interceded and led his managers to choose him. The management told Paul that it was a really hard decision. The one thing that they told him made them choose Paul is his WORK ETHIC and his PROFESSIONALISM. AKA- God's light shining through Paul- you see- Paul does not swear, when he is asked to do something he does not complain and in everything he gives 100%.

These characteristics stood out and is what caused management to choose him.

Thank you God for your faithfulness and for helping Paul through this bump in the road.


Mike and Elizabeth Williams said...

That's awesome ... Praise the Lord for His faithfulness ...

I guess that means y'all are staying in Las Vegas :(

Linda said...

What a great testimony!

Elizabeth said...

Praise the Lord!

rita said...

Congrats and praise God!

Lhoyt said...

The Lord is Good. All the time. But at times we don't recognize it. PTL

Tesa said...

What an amazing testimony of God's goodness and answered prayer! Thank you, too, for sharing this story as it reminds me of the powerful effects of a wife's prayers for her husband. To God be the Glory!!