Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New House Guest

Ana has moved out- and we spent a full week officially on our own. And then yesterday we had a new house guest- A SCORPION. This house guest is NOT welcome in our house. Paul found it in our garage and so graciously moved it to a mason jar. Talk about FREAKED out. I am not a huge fan of bugs especially ones that sting and cause harm. So for now NO MORE HOUSE GUESTS.
Paul and I have been enjoying the house to ourselves. I have to say that we enjoy blessing others and helping others out when there is a need but with that said- we also enjoy being alone.
I have been reorganizing the spare room (that has been used by guests for the past year) and trying to de-clutter my life. I know we have LOTS of "things" that we really don't use or need so I am going to be getting rid of clutter.
Work is going well for both of us. We continue to thank GOD for HIS provision with our jobs, health, house, etc... There is really nothing to complain about.
Ana, my assistant, has been on vacation for a week now and she has 3 more weeks to go. She is moving into her new house and spending quality time with her family since they have now returned from Mexico. I am happy that she is able to spend time with her family- even though she is missed at work.
Last, but not least- I am now on the countdown to my vacation. I am taking the week of labor day off to enjoy time with my parents and sister since they are coming out to visit. I have a lot to do before they arrive- but I am truly looking forward to it!
Ta ta for now... gotta run... Hope all my blogger friends are doing well.


Linda said...

I've missed your posts!

rita said...

Fun family times ahead!
Is that your Dad's first time to LV?

Lhoyt said...

I'm certainly looking forward to our visit there. I haven't even seen this house. Anxious to get some rest and relaxation. Love you and miss you both.