Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Best Gift Yet

I got the best gift I could get for my sister- I know that the first year without her beloved was going to be a hard one- so I wanted to make it a little more special so that she has good memories of Christmas 2010. I bought my parents round trip tickets to be with us for Christmas!!!! I know that the trip will be a quick 3 day trip (My dad got 3 days off together Praise the Lord!) but we will have a wonderful time together and make wonderful memories for Christmas 2010!

Please pray for their trip- they have a very short lay over in Charlotte NC- they will need to book it to catch the next flight! Pray that they have a safe trip here!

To all of my blogger Friends- Merry Christmas!!!!


rita said...

How wonderful!
Have a precious time together!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Kathy! You are such a caring, giving and loving person! I am thankful God made you my sister!

Lhoyt said...

What a surprise it was for me when you called to arrange this trip! It means a lot to Mom and me, and we can't thank you enough.

Lhoyt said...

Back home at 4:30 AM Mon. 27th. After a day of work and a good night's rest I can truly say today (28th) that it was a wonderful trip and we enjoyed being with you all SO much. Also, I enjoyed the view of the snow capped mountains and all the highlighs and different colors caused by the varied amounts of sunlight and shade. Thank you once again, Kathy